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Niagara Ribbons

Experiment using Niagara to generate configurable tentacles from any static mesh.

Niagara Vegetation Growth

Using particles as vegetation emitter to quickly populate an environment with foliage.

Niagara Lightning Ribbons

Experiment using Niagara to create a lightning bolts that dynamically links 2 surfaces.

Niagara Fast 2D Fluid Simulation

Using Niagara Simulation stages I was able to do this fast 2D fluid simulation. It takes 0.5ms on my RTX 3070 with 5 Interactors and I can add as many as I want for a minimal cost.

Unreal Engine

This is some of the work I did for the game Death Garden at Behaviour Interactive inside of Unreal Engine 4. It includes some Materials for environment and special effects, post processing and blue prints.

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