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New website

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

YV Grafix 5.0 was great, but it's more than time for a change!

After over 11 years of service with only minor changes through the years, it was starting to be outdated. I hand coded the thing in PHP HTML/CSS, back then I was more into web development than video games. It was great then, but now it was really tedious to add new content, blog post and such that is not only plain text.

Since I'm not really into web development anymore and I don't have time to code a whole new web site, I decided to go with a free solution that is more on par with today's standards.

Blog posts

One thing that I was missing was the ability to make blog posts with images, videos and code snippets. In the CMS that I am using it is very easy to do so and because of that I hope to make some blog posts about little tricks in shaders or VFX.


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